Beverly Hills Gold Buying

Want to sell gold in Beverly Hills and Hollywood area and get the most cash for it? Here at Yev’s Jewelry and Loan, we are the gold buying experts of the Los Angeles area. We will test your gold and diamonds on the spot for authenticity and pay the top market value. We also take into consideration aspects like rarity, condition, name brand hallmarking, and gold purity.

If you don’t want to let go of your valuable keepsake item because it’s a family heirloom or a collector’s item, we offer loans that will ensure that you won’t have to part from it forever. We take pride in offering a private and safe way for our clients to make it through a situation where cash is needed without having to sell their items.

Have a gold single earring with no match in your drawer? Or a broken necklace or bracelet that you’ll never wear again? Turn it into instant cash in your pocket! Regardless of the condition, we are your go-to location for selling gold, platinum, or silver.

Can’t wait to see what your gold is worth? If you know the karat and the estimated weight of your jewelry piece, we have a convenient tool you can use on the Homepage of our website. Simply type in the grams of weight of your gold and karat amount in to our GOLD Calculator. Press ‘calculate’ and you will instantly know the amount of cash you’d receive in our store!

If you’re in the market for buying gold, we also have a wide variety of beautiful gold jewelry to purchase – especially if you’re looking for that ‘Beverly Hills’ vintage-gold find!

Come in to take a look at our gold collection today or call us for a free consultation at 877-749-9387. For high valued items, please call in advance. Walk-ins always welcome!

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