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How to get the most money for your luxury Handbag

Toting around a designer bag on your arm is an instant symbol of high status.  People all over the world recognize designer brands.  Which is why luxury handbags maintain their value. If you have designer handbags that you once splurged on but no longer use now is the time to turn them into cash.  Bring your designer handbags in to Yev’s pawn shop for quick easy money. These bags can have a value of a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on a couple key characteristics.

1. Designer: The rarer the bag the higher the value it has.  If it’s made from one of the top designers such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci or Prada obviously it is going to be worth more money because those designers are in such high demand.  But also, if your bag is vintage or from a limited-edition line it will be even more valuable. Often when you buy a designer handbag you will be given papers to authenticate it. These help immensely in maintaining the value of your handbag so be sure to bring them in when you come to pawn your bag.  If you don’t have the authenticity papers don’t worry you can still get a good price for your bag.  At Yev’s we have the knowledge to authenticate bags and determine which ones are the real deal.

2. Condition: When people come to our shop looking for a designer handbag, they want the brand name but they also want their bag to feel brand new.  Scratches and tears can decrease the value of your bag.  Before you bring your designer bag into our shop, make sure to clean it.  Not only should the outside look new but the inside should be clean as well.  Vacuum out any crumbs.  Wipe down the outside with a cleaner safe for the material your bag is made of.  The better the condition the more money you can earn from its sale.

Once your designer handbag is clean bring it in with your authenticity papers.  We guarantee we’ll give you a honest fair quote so you can decide if you want to turn your luxury handbag into cash!

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