Ever wonder why you can walk into any pawn shop and get more money for that luxury handbag over the beautiful diamond jewelry you have? There is more than one reason and we will discuss a few here.

*Hermes Bags– Well-known in the world of handbags, Hermes is one of the most expensive brands out on the market. With handcrafted quality, Hermes Bags range in the thousands and have auctioned for over $200,000. Hermes is also a favorite of Kim Kardashian. Although Ms. Kardashian does own a number of Hermes bags it is not because the company sends her freebies. This company does not send out freebies to celebrities nor do they give discounts. The only sale you will see with Hermes is a purchase for full price or the ones that are auctioned for high dollars.

With the hardware on the Hermes bags being pave diamonds amongst many other gems and palladium hardware is it any wonder that these handbags are more valuable than gold and diamonds. Hermes also only makes a few of the collection. Collections that do not have many to be sold and bought are harder to purchase.

*Louis Vuitton– Louis Vuitton handbags boast of the opulent 19th century in France and are sort after all over the world. These handcrafted designer handbags are limited additions and come in every style and color known to man. Taiga leather and canvas are just some of the materials that are used in crafting these beautiful bags.

Louis Vuitton handbags are in high demand due to being highly functional and very stylish. Owning a Louis Vuitton bag also lets the world know that you have prestige. Louis Vuitton Handbags are also draped over the shoulders of those in the Hollywood scene. Looking for a bag by Louis Vuitton? Be ready to pay big money.

*Céline– Another exquisite designer that fetches high prices for their bags. There is a Céline bag that will match every wardrobe and taste. From satchels to luggage Céline has it all out on the market.

*Chanel– From quilted caviar leather to python scales, luxury is shown in the workmanship of the Chanel bags. These bags are certainly in the collector’s radar because the prices seem to go up every year.

So Why So Much More Money?

The above mentioned designer bag sell for far more than most of us can earn in months. The thing is, many just do not realize how much their designer bag can be purchased for. When people are looking for things to sell off to make money they rarely ever think of the designer bags.

These designer bags cost more money than most gold and diamond jewelry. Here atYev’s Jewelry and Loan we have expert appraisers on staff. If you have a designer bag and you are not sure of how much it is worth than we can help. Our professional staff is able to take you into a private room so that your items can be appraised in private.

Looking For Extra Cash Fast?

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Does Yev’s Jewelry and Loan Have Appointments?

It is not necessary to make an appointment before you come in for an appraisal. We are happy to help you without an appointment. Our professional staff is on hand to help you with answering any questions you may have.